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There Are Three Things That Need For You to Make Money From Any Online Business:


Creating your own GREAT product can be very costly and very time consuming, that’s assuming you have all the skills needed to actually create and compile everything and get it all online!


A professional and great looking sales page is ESSENTIAL if you want to attract people, it’s no good getting traffic to your page if they are instantly put off by poor formatting or cheap, low quality images.


Writing sales copy is an art in itself, and writing sales copy that converts prospects into buyers and subscribers can be VERY costly, you could actually pay THOUSANDS to have a good sales letter written.

"Ready Made, Instant Products Are The Key To Online Success"

"But what do I sell? And What Will Make Me The Most Money?"

Keep reading to find out an answer!

What if we could tell you that the secret to making an additional income, with instant products, was literally at the tips of your fingers?

What if we Told You That It’s So Simple? How much would that be worth to you?

Have you ever found yourself working endless amounts of hours, day after day, week after week, wondering when you will ever start to see any rewards for your hard work? Are you tired of shuffling bills around just to make ends meet?

The Solution to all Your Problems is: 

PLR Monthly is the Best PLR Resource Website you could ever want or need, after all we have been established online since 2008! We provide the highest quality and greatest variety of PLR content that you will see anywhere.

We provide the highest standards of Top Quality, Private Label packages for all our members, and constantly strive to improve our standards and member benefits at all times.

What Exactly Are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Products allow you to be the creator and author of a product which you never even put fingers to your keyboard to create. PLR Monthly gives you Top Quality Products which can earn you an additional income and also build your subscribers.

What Exactly Can You Do With Your Own PLR Products?

Sell Them On Their Own Mini Site.
Use the PLR material to create your own website and sell your products from there.

Add Them to Bigger Packages.
Take 3 or 4 related PLR products and add them to a larger package. This is turn will allow you to sell your package for a much higher price.

Convert Them to CD or DVD and Sell Them on Auction Websites.
Place your PLR on a CD with your website links and affiliate links inside and not only create an income from selling your created items on auction websites, also make a massive residual income from the other sources of income.

Create a Home Study Course and Sell Them For Additional Income.
You can create and sell home study courses with the help of PLR material. Package your Niche Product onto a CD/DVD, box it up with check lists and help manuals and you can create a home study course which you can sell for additional income.

Split Your Private Label Into Articles.
Place them on article websites with your website links, mini site links, auction links and generate traffic you never knew existed.

Create a Mini Course and Distribute Them to Your Mailing Lists.
Convert your PLR to a mini email course and send it to your subscribers. This really makes PLR work for you.

Convert your Products to Physical Books, Print and Sell Them as Your Own.
By converting your PLR to physical books you can them place them on auction websites such as eBay and Amazon and create huge revenue potential.

Add Your Affiliate Links to Your PLR.
Add your own affiliate links to your PLR material, which will make a residual income from the affiliate links you have added. By adding your affiliate links and website links to your PLR eBooks and articles and granting resale rights, the viral effect is in place, your eBooks and articles will be around for years earning you and additional income.

"This Sounds Great But Could you Explain a Little More About How This Can Change My Life, Make Me Money And Build My List?"

Sell Your PLR eBook As Your Own Ceation.
You can very simply assign your own name to our PLR products, making you you the author. Also assign your own name to the sales material that we provide, and you have an Instant PLR Product ready to go which will generate you income and subscribers for life.

Use PLR Material to Create Professional Study Courses.
Think about the profit potential linked to being able to create special courses that consumers will buy like hot cakes! Double or Even Triple Your income from selling home study courses. Some home study courses sell for as much as $1000. You can sell these courses on auction websites, digital market places and also host them on your own websites. Simply package your PLR along with all the graphics, audio and tools we provide for you and your business is ready to go.

Build Your Mailing List Using Our Pre-made Squeeze Pages.
You can very easily use our pre-made squeeze pages which we supply with every product. This is an instant method for building your mailing list.

Create Free Reports and Give Them to Your Potential Subscribers.
Double the number of newsletter subscribers, by simply by offering content in the form of ‘special reports’ or manuals as bonuses for subscribing to your publication. People love freebies, so give them what they want and watch as your results increase!

Create Your Own eZine, Newsletter or Blog.
Looking for a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the people who are going to your website? What about an additional venue for your readers? Creating your own Blog, ezine or newsletter couldn’t be easier. This is information that consumers want and need and by providing it to them you can Instantly Increase Your Number of Subscribers and Profits!

Create Your Own Mini Email Courses.
You can create an automated cash flow by using content to formulate multi-part email training courses with related website or affiliate links 'sprinkled' throughout each course. Use an auto-responder service to automate the delivery of your training course, such as a 5 part training course delivered over a 5 day period.

Why Would You Want to do All The Hard Work Yourself When we Have Already Done it All For You?

Great niche products take a lot of Time and Experience to complete, and to be honest do you really have the time or the experience to complete these tasks?

The bottom line is... If you aren't an expert in your niche, then you have a problem!

We all can't be experts in every hot niche that pops up on the web and be expected to create an AWESOME product at break-neck speed, which fits the bill and provides the most up to date Top Quality content.

Do You Really Want to be Doing All of This Yourself...

  • Extensive Market Research.
  • Quality Product Creation.
  • Professional Graphics.
  • Sales Page Creation.
  • Professional CopyWriting.
  • Developing and Putting it All Together.
  • Making it All Download Ready.

Sounds tough doesn't it. Especially when you have limited time & budget to beat the market!

Fortunately for you we have the resources and the experts to help fulfill these hot Internet Marketing niches, which people are so desperately looking for.

We know what WORKS, and after many, MANY YEARS in the PLR product building business we can safely say we know what we are talking about when it comes to Super High Quality Private Label resources that ACTUALLY WORK for building a Successful Online Business... FAST!

Why spend all your time trying to build your online business with limited experience and product development knowledge when you can simply take advantage of our many, MANY YEARS of experience? Allow us to provide your own online products for you. All you need to do is sign your name and you are good to go!

What could potentially take you months of work, can now take you minutes to complete thanks to our ready made niche PLR Product Package!

Take Out all The Hard Work and Have Your Very Own Products Ready to Sell And Build Your List in a Matter of Minutes!

Not only that, you can instantly become an expert in any niche.

We provide the expertise for you... SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Imagine having a product and a process that is so simple all you need to do is...

This may sound too easy to be true but we assure you that this is all you need to do. Business doesn't have to be hard when you have your own all new ready to go niche business products on tap ready to go.

So Exactly What Do You Get With PLR Monthly?

    48 “Ready to Sell” Complete PLR Packages.

Yes, rather than drip feed you content every month, we'll provide you with 4 YEARS worth of "Ready to Sell" PLR eBooks. Remember that we have done all the work for you. All you have to do is take the books, graphics and sales pages and put it to work for you to begin seeing incredible profit potential.

Stop and think about something for a minute. How long would it take you to add 48 months of new niche products to your business each year? How much money would it cost to locate that material and get it ready to sell in a usable format? Quite a substantial amount of time and money!

  • Create Home Study Courses. 
  • Convert your PLR into a Multi Media Experience With Work Books, DVD's, CD's and Sell Them for Triple the Price of a Digital Download. 
  • Sell Them as Ready Made Books.
  • Create Your Own Personal Content for Massive Money Making Potential. 
  • Use Them in eZines and Newsletters. 
  • And Much, Much More!...

With PLR Monthly, you can INSTANTLY add a massive amount of products to your portfolio. Consider the potential of adding all these products to your business in a year without any of the creating! We have already located and researched the PLR material, when you receive them they are ready to use in any way you want!

    Professional Sales Letter Pages.

A significant part of any good business plan is the marketing portion. You need a professional sales letter page to drive those profits.

We provide you with professionally designed sales letter pages.
Not only do you get professionally designed sales pages, our team of copywriting experts create the sales letter content, to provide you with a complete top quality sales page ready to go.

    Marketing Advantages.

If you want to market on the internet (and who doesn’t these days) then you need a comprehensive marketing program.

When you join PLR Monthly today, not only will you receive incredible value, but we will also give you all the tools you need to jumpstart your business and get started creating an immediate income stream with courses and tips that are packed with all the information you need to get started right now!

  • Full Member Support Service.
  • Written Text Tutorials.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Free Guides to Help your Business Grow.
  • We Will Provide You With All The Tools You Could Possibly Need to Get Your PLR Business Off The Ground!

    Complete Set of Professional Graphics.

Some PLR companies will provide you with a few tired and old looking cheap graphics for your PLR, but here at PLR Monthly we take it to the next level.

We will supply you with not only the 3D eBook graphics in multiple super high quality sizes, but the complete graphics packages for all 48 products!

  • Complete Minisite Sales Page Graphics.
  • DVD Graphics - 3D eCovers, Physical DVD Boxes and Physical DVD Label.
  • CD Graphics - 3D eCovers, Physical CD Boxes and Physical CD Label.
  • eBook Graphics - Multiple Graphics.
  • Squeeze Page Graphics.

    Tutorials, Tutorials, and More Tutorials.

We not only provide you with a MASSIVE PLR Package, we also provide you with a full range of text, audio, and video tutorials to help you launch your business to success.

If there is something you do not know about your brand new PLR business, we will teach you how to do it.

  • Insert Your Hyperlinks in the Best Way for the Ultimate Conversions.
  • Convert Your eBooks to PDF.
  • Edit and Upload Your Sales Pages.
  • Zip and Upload Your eBooks.
  • Using Your PLR to Convert Articles and Drive Traffic.
  • Secret Methods of Using Your PLR to Create an eCourse.
  • Changing Your Blog Theme and Adding Custom Graphics.
  • How to Upload Your PLR eBooks to Kindle.
  • Using PLR to Create a Physical Book.
  • Monetizing And Building Your List.
  • And Much, Much More... In Fact, we Have Over 17 Training Videos!

Here's a Preview of The 48 Complete PLR Products You'll Receive:

Remember, each and every one of these products comes with all the benefits listed above and they all include Full Minisite Graphical Templates, Professionally Written Sales Pages, Ready Made Squeeze Pages, Fully Comprehensive Reports, Fully Editable Word Source Docs, High Quality Graphical Images and Bonus PLR Articles.

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Private Label License Terms:

Yes - Can sell eBooks to your customers (PDF Format).
Yes - Can sell individual packages "as is" or can rebrand/rename/re-format eBooks.
Yes - Can rebrand/rename/re-format sales pages and squeeze pages.
Yes - Can be edited, renamed, add your name as the author/publisher.
Yes - Can be translated into other languages and sold.
Yes - Can include within website flips (personal rights only).
Yes - Can give away eBooks (PDF Format).
Yes - Can be used as a bonus (PDF Format).
Yes - Can include eBooks in membership site (PDF Format).

No - Cannot sell Private Label Rights to customers.
No - Cannot be combined with other offers or sold as a package.
No - Cannot pass the source files to customers.

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